Program name:
Resources on Stuttering - Schools Program

Program Goals and objectives:
To equip East African rural elementary schools, with the educational materials on stuttering (booklets and brochures) translated into local languages.

What is the problem the Program is addressing?
In most East African countries, the number of students who drop out of school is very high for those who stutter. Although there is no formal survey to measure this phenomenon, it is important to consider this important issue that is a complete lack of knowledge of teachers about stuttering, such knowledge being required to help a student with a communication disorder.
In addition, there is no speech-language pathologist in East African schools who can help students and teachers understand the problem and manage it more effectively.

The teachers, students and parents are in a total blackout as far as the related problems are concerned. One can only imagine the confusion, fear, anger and frustration involved.

And the children who stutter would prefer to drop out of school, because of the physical or verbal aggression from their teachers. In fact, most teachers in our region use a dangerous practice of hitting a stick, hand or an object against pupils, when a student slows down / hesitates to answer the teacher's oral questions or not answering questions correctly. 

Which is very absurd, as there is no law against such a dangerous and inacceptable practice. On the contrary, in some East African countries, national regulations explicitly allow corporal punishment and teachers are allowed to hit pupils. It’s too illogical. The school should not be a place of fear and violence. Especially when you stutter, you can be an easy victim.

How this Program solve the Problem?
To prevent and combat bullying and victimization in school, towards young children who stutter;
We have set up "A Teacher Package." This Teacher package is available, at no charge, and contains a number of educational materials on stuttering of our translation.
And these booklets and brochures are on print form and freely distributed to better equip the schools. 

What is the purpose of this Program
The purpose of project is to help children and teachers to have access to materials available for them, thus helping them to develop knowledge about stuttering and to learn to help each other. 
Furthermore, teachers will acquire the necessary skills to better assist, in the classroom, students who stutter. 

What is the potential long-term impact of this Program?
The educational materials on stuttering of our translations into local languages bring information into areas where there has been no access before. And help children, teachers and parents to take responsible action by: changing attitudes toward children who stutter, changing attitudes towards teasing and obsolete treating techniques.

Which booklets and brochures we have translate from English into local languages (Swahili&Kinyarwanda)

1. Sometimes I Just Stutter  by Eelco de Geus 
2. Stuttering and your child :Question and Answers by seven leading authorities in the field of stuttering. 
3. Brochure of 8 tips for teachers and others:  Compiled by Lisa Scott, Ph.D., The Florida State University
4. Brochure of 7 tips for talking with your child

Transparency and accountability policy:
We aim to be transparent and accountable about how we are funded and how we spend your donations. We declare that all donors have the right:
-To have access to the most recent financial statements of our Program.
-To be assured that their gifts will be used for the purposes for which they were given.

Contact us:
Please feel free to contact The Program Coordinator, Dieudonne Nsabimana at:

And You can find our translation educational materials at link: The booklets and brochures